In the Bible, baptism is a sign that a person has begun to follow Jesus Christ. Therefore, when a person puts themselves in Jesus’ hands, their baptism is an appropriate and joyful event which signifies God’s promises applying to that person.

In the case of infants, when a child is born into a family that follows Christ, it is appropriate to give the child the sign of baptism.

For those in our area enquiring about a service for their child we offer two tracks:

Track 1 – Towards Christian Baptism
We ask couples to begin attending one of our church services on a regular basis. We also ask them to attend one of our Christianity Explained courses in order to work out where they stand with God. If they are able to make a personal commitment to follow Jesus Christ and be part of the church family, it is appropriate to baptise their child in one of our Sunday services.

Track 2 – Service of Dedication and Thanksgiving
Our service of Dedication and Thanksgiving is designed for couples who are not yet able to make a commitment to our church or to following Jesus personally, but who nevertheless wish to thank God for their child and ask for God’s blessing on their child. After initial meetings, we can arrange a service in our church for friends and family at a convenient time.